Who am I and why do I think I can write reviews?

I'm a 50-something wife and mother who has life pretty good.  I've been married for 30 years, have 2 fabulous kids of my own, 2 other fabulous kids I've been privileged to mother, the two most beautiful granddaughters ever, a handsome son-in-law and a lovely daugher-in-law.  I live in southeast Kansas or as I like to call it, the pretty part of Kansas.

Reading has been my passion since before I can remember.  Books have been my constant companions and some of my best friends.  They are comfort food and teachers and entertainment and guidance and inspiration.  My house is overly full of them and that's just fine with everyone that lives here.  We just build more bookshelves. 

I homeschooled my children through their elementary and high school years.  Now that they are all launched I'm going back to college to work on a Masters in Literature just for the fun of it. (My undergrad degree is in accounting.)

So why do I think I can review other people's work?  I'm a reader, through and through.  I'm not a literary critic and my reviews won't sound like one.  They will just be my response, as a reader, to the words on the page.  No commentary on the author, no delving into the background of the work, or the time and research it took to produce it.  As in the words of Alton Brown on "Cutthroat Kitchen", all I care about is what's on the plate.

As a Christian, there are plenty of types of books I won't review and plenty of subjects that will stop me from continuing with a book when they pop up.  If it appears that I give lots of higher ratings, it's because after 50-some years of  reading  I tend to know what I like and that's what I read.  Sometime something surprises me and I definitely rate with my honest opinion.

I do read books from Netgalley and I get a lot of ARCs from various places but this blog is going to stick with the Kindle Freebies.  There are more than enough of those to keep a reviewer busy for 10 lifetimes!

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