Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lady Susan-fun, interesting and surprising for fans of Jane Austen

This book demonstrates the pure entertainment value of a good book.  I had a great time reading it!  A short story from Jane Austen, and written as a series of letters, this is great fun.

Lady Susan is a recent widow with very few morals or redeeming qualities other than her beauty and her ability to talk her way through just about any situation.  She has a teen-age daughter whom she cares very little for.  She wants every man in her vicinity to fall swooning at her feet and does whatever it takes to get them to do so.  She has had to leave the home of the Manwarings whom she was visiting because of her outrageous behavior with the husband of the house so she came to stay with her late husband’s brother and his wife.  She had never actually met the wife but had done all in her power to keep them from marrying years ago.  At their house she meets the brother of her sister-in-law and determines to make him fall in love with her though she is 10 years older than him.  She also maintains a highly inappropriate correspondence with Mr. Manwaring.  She is also trying to marry off her daughter to a silly young man that the daughter despises.  A manipulative (and busy!) woman, Lady Susan is completely without scruples. See how all her plans work (or don’t work) and whether she will get what she wants or not kept me entertained all the way through.

The letters are between Lady Susan and her friend and various other members of Lady Susan’s family.  It’s quite entertaining to see the same events through the eyes of people with radically different viewpoints.  This is nothing like Pride and Prejudice except that the sharp social commentary is there.  It’s interesting and different to have the lead female character not be so young, definitely in her mid 30’s.  She’s quite willing to use her female wiles to get what she wants.  How interesting that this was written when the author was a teen. The book is altogether different and fun and surprising for fans of Jane Austen.

  • Would I pay money for it? Because it's a short story I would probably try to find it in a book with other Austen writings.
  • Would I read more by this author? Yes, I love Jane Austen.
  • Would I recommend this to a friend? yes
Purchased as a Kindle freebie February 20, 2013


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